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Ultimate Adrian 2014 Subway Fight ,and Story

Cindy Vs Adrian Emmerson World Streetfighting Champ (Retired)

I had other plans for how I would incorporate this fight scene into my web comic but I never got around to that so I figured i just explain it here.

The video is technically page 4. Page 3 would have been Adrian running into Cindy, and him being enraged at her for not protecting his daughter. He attacks her out of rage, she fights back to show backbone, not because she knows she can win.

The fight ends with his rage subsiding and Cindy earning his respect for surviving the fight. They then head off on a road trip to Oceania, Maryland where Katrina, his wife is currently fighting to join her in their cause.

Ultimate Adrian 2014 Page 1

Ultimate Adrian 2014 Page 2

I have a number of running web comics on this site but they are all interconnected because I like to make things into a larger world. It addresses the thoughts of what if so and so met so and so.