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Metra logo 2014Rated- R  (Mature audiences only 18+)

Summary: A young rich-girl (Metra Annapolis) runs away from home to return finding her entire family murdered. From that day on she dedicates her life to avenging her family.

After quickly blowing through her inheritance money, she became a prostitute to survive.

By age 18 she is well versed in knife fighting and must fight in bloody underground street-fights to learn the whereabouts of the killer(s) of her family. All  while protecting  a young orphan girl she is raising as her own.

Start: March 2014

End: TBD

Lunch Punch 1 logoRated: PG-13

Summary: Metra’s adopted daughter Rebecca (Becca) Annapolis was kidnapped and assaulted by someone to provoke Metra into fighting.

After that incident, Becca wanted desperately to become stronger to not only protect herself, but to protect her mom as well. This is the chronicle of her journey to become strong.

Start: April 2014

End: April 2014

Lunch punch 15 logo2Rated- R

This is the uncensored version of Lunch Punch! © 2014 and focuses on what exactly Becca Annapolis and Terrance “T” did their last night together before parting ways to follow their own separate dreams.

Start: Mid April 2014

End: Late April 2014

Released April 18th 2014

actual logo adrian - BlackRated – R

Summary: Long after their glory days in the underground fighting arena (20 years ago).  Adrian and Katrina had a child who is now 18 but she was hospitalized by a freak accident and is now on life support.

They were told their daughter only has a year to live though she is in a coma. (With enough cash an experimental operation could save her life).

So the team has returned to the streets to fight in a whole new world and generation who does not know or respect them.

Start:  Early to Mid May 2014

End: TBD




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