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Have a project in mind? Email me at Charles.R.Massenberg@gmail.com 

Art Services:

Logo Design: Visual and distinct business identity

Custom Images for Blog posts: I will draw your Idea for you.

Character Creation: Visual front, back and side- drawing of a unique character of my creation that I will release all rights to.

Illustrations: Drawings for eBooks or any other project you can think of.

Electronic Signature Creation: A digitized version of your signature. Good for email signatures, websites, etc.

Banners: Image creation for a clickable ad, or just to sport a certain look on your webpage.

Animated gifs: A moving image designed to draw attention to a certain element of your signature or website.

Header Graphics: The image at the top of most modern websites.

Tattoo Art: Let me know what you want and I will draw it.

Art Instruction: Let me know your goals, we set an appointment schedule, and will go from there.

Greeting Cards: A custom e-card for a loved one, together we’ll make it awesome!

Flier Design: Get the word out about your business with a little artistic flair.

Comics: Want a comic made but can’t draw? No Problem! I got you covered.

Animation: Want something cool to post on YouTube? Send me a line.

Caricatures: Need an avatar for your profile photo? Send me a good-hair day photo and get the hook-up here.

Icons: That’s the little picture you see at the tabs that let you know visually what site you are on. For example- look at the little pic at the top of this web page. I can make one for you to your specifications.

Info Graphic: A series of graphics and words usually about something clever or interesting on a blog or website.

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