She Gets Depressed in the Daytime

Metras smoke break 2

If Metra spends too much time awake in the daytime she finds herself crying.

“I wake up out of obligation. I train every day but I lack true strength.. Mama, Daddy, Rayna! Lord knows I miss you all. I’ve been fighting so long now I don’t know what right is anymore… this “justice” I am seeking doesn’t seem to be so clear. “

“God please help me! “

“Should I come face to face with my enemy right now, how do I apply  justice without the support of the law? I don’t want to become a murderer, but I want to make things right. Am I playing into his hands?”

                                                                                 -Metra Annapolis


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Metras Revenge Blade of justice Header 2015 Season 2 “2015 web-comic remake with short animated videos”

metra true logo Season 1 “2014 web-comic. The original.



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  1. Furthermore, if a person becomes suicidal, there s a greater risk that a suicide attempt would go unnoticed and potentially unstopped. I advise many people to fight hard against the tendency for social withdrawal when feeling depressed.

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