She is Not a Role Model…and I like her that way.

not a role model - Copy

The bottom line is that Metra does some pretty messed up stuff to accomplish her goals…

The funny thing is, when I created this character I put a lot of work into her personality and now when I am developing the story I instantly know how she would handle the situation and I think to myself… I’m not going to draw that!

Case in point, she uses sex to solve her problems that can’t be solved by more appropriate conventional means…

Because of her history of sexual abuse she has no sense of moral shame in these matters. Why sex? In her eyes, its better than using violence because she hates to fight.

She has a good heart, but is scarred by the life of injustices she has endured.

This girl is so raw because she essentially raised herself and doesn’t know any better. So shes a bit left field in her actions and that’s what keeps me drawing this character. The challenge here is to present her true reactions to scenarios while maintaining the R rating cause she could easily make it an X rating.

I wanted to make a likable character but I won’t sell her out.

Like any other person she is flawed. So with that I say if you want a “clean cut” hero go elsewhere. But if you want a heroine who is strong and is not shy about her sexuality Metra will not disappoint.

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Metras Revenge Blade of justice Header 2015 Season 2 “2015 web-comic remake with short animated videos”

metra true logo Season 1 “2014 web-comic. The original.



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