The Call Girl

The Call GirlAs of late I have focused more on Metra’s childhood but this is who she is current day.

The call girl. the mother, the avenger.

The picture is a photograph taken of her by one of her clients as a keepsake of their night together.  

If you’ve noticed’ Shes not wearing her trademark knife tonight. (It’s in her purse) And she doesn’t call it a combat knife, she refers to it as her “Life Insurance Policy”. As in life assurance of course.

Also please note that I have completely removed the censorship from my work. That means there is cursing, violence, sex, and drug use to name a few things. If this offends you, looking at the animated series as opposed to the web-comic is advised. 

Experience her journey at 

Metras Revenge Blade of justice Header 2015 Season 2 “2015 web-comic remake with short animated videos”

metra true logo Season 1 “2014 web-comic. The original.


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