Ultimate Adrian 2014 Web-comic Coming May 2014

“Life is cruel so we can rise to the challenge! “

-Adrian Emmerson  Legendary Streetfighting Champion (20 years ago)

Ultimate Adrian Returns 2014

Cast: Starring (Left) Adrian Emmerson, Katrina Devestar Emmerson (middle) and Louis “Knight” Striker (Right)

“I will fight until my last breath for the future of my child!”

-Katrina Devestar-Emmerson

Summary: Long after their glory days in the underground fighting arena Adrian and Katrina had a child who is now 18 but she was hospitalized by a freak accident and is now on life support.

They were told their daughter only has a year to live though she is in a coma. (With enough cash an experimental  operation could save her life).

So the team have returned to them streets to fight in a whole new world and generation who does not know or respect them.

“That kids’ got mad potential. A gift that this world needs… I will move heaven and earth to save her!”

-Louis Striker

Fight on old dudes!

Come May 2014 as Adrian used to say before fighting:

“Knuckles up! Time to fight, I’m fired- up and too damned Hype!”